Monday, June 4, 2012

angel box

Angel Box
one of a kind, hand painted
(for jewelry, ornaments or trinkets)
available through my Etsy on-line store here
or through my Artfire on-line store here

Here 2 other views of the box:

If you haven't been following along, this box was painted in the winter of 2011 during my "paint everything in sight" phase. The other trinket boxes painted during this time are HERE.

I have done many angel figures in this kind of style for many years on my hand thrown pottery, tote bags, tee shirts and hand embroidered items and I thought I would try one in paint on a box. I do like the way it comes out on pottery and embroidered items best (hard to paint so small as the top of the box was only 3"!). If I ever do another one, I'll do it on a bigger surface.

Here are some pots I made (for comparison):

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