Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 2012 sale: horse holiday cards

horse holiday cards on sale only through my Artfire Shop for November
wholesale prices: 25 cards for $25 (excluding shipping costs)

from top to bottom (click to be taken to listing or to buy):
Spirit of Winter

Most of 2012 is the year of the Chinese water dragon, a year marked by sudden and unexpected events and changes. For me, that's an understatement! They haven't been pleasant events and have impacted me and every close family member in my life. It has been overwhelming, a juggling act that it is teetering on failurse at every moment, without a shread of normalcy in anything: work, home, relationships with family and friends, events. Phone calls with my mother often begin with "The water dragon strikes again!"

That's how the Chinese year/astrology is effecting me. Now for those of you into western astrology, I have a Uranus exact square Pluto on my native sun (also exact) most of this year. What does that mean? Well, it means sudden and unexpected events and changes. More of the same, apparently. So, does that mean I get a double whammy since both eastern and western seem to match in this case? It would seem so.

Anyway, since I am unable to get much work accomplished, I thought I'd have a sale of some designs from the past. Enjoy!

ARTFIRE ON-LINE STORE (largest selection)
ETSY ON-LINE STORE (seasonal selection)
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