Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Millefleurs Triptych with Unicorn, Cranes, Rabbits and Dove

Name of art piece: "Millefleurs Triptych with Unicorn, Cranes, Rabbits and Dove"
size: 13" x 10" on 14" x 11" paper
printed on archival paper
artwork © 2014 by Lise Winne

Note: the copyright watermark does not appear in any purchased versions of this print.

This piece is a Renaissance-inspired artwork and inspired by (and in the tradition of) the Renaissance Unicorn tapestries. Here is one instance of one of the pieces done during the Renaissance.

This print is also available in a framed version at Valley Artisans Market. The original is going to be hung in a new gallery I was admitted into. More information on that coming soon. If you have an Etsy account, it may be available there as well, though I am featuring rotating themes, and there is less likelihood of it being there than in my Artfire shop (which has the advantage of a guest check-out if you don't want to join as an Artfire patron).

The crane is a symbol for longevity, a youthful appearance, a happy and successful marriage as well as an omen of protection.
The unicorn is a symbol for purity, the mystical and divine, the spiritual, healing sorrows of the heart, healing toxicities in the body and banishing poisons in ones life whether they be emotional, spiritual or physical.
Rabbits are a symbol of femininity, abundance and luck. They are also a symbol of fear (of tragedy and disaster).
The dove is a symbol of peace, hope and messages from the spirit. They sometimes refer to pacifism and passive resistance too.  

Here are some of the details of the piece: