Monday, November 17, 2014

Celtic Knot Border with Butterfly

Celtic Border with Butterfly
a 4.75" x 7" painting
© 2014
for sale in my Artfire on-line shop HERE

This is an off-shoot of butterfly boxes I have been painting. It is done on pine with artist grade acrylic paints and is a small painting.

The butterfly symbolizes transformation, profound changes of the soul (evolution), pure spirit, joy, uplifting grace

The knot symbolizes beginnings and endings (and ever-more beginnings and endings) in a timeless way. In ancient times, Celtic knots were given to ward off sickness or setbacks (and in the end, for longevity). 

In this painting, the transformation and joyous nature of the butterfly is synchronized with infinity. The transformation of the butterfly is also protected from sickness and setbacks.

I think I may have painted this about my own life at this time! I pass this spiritually potent meaning onto the next owner.  


  1. That's rather lovely, Lise! I do like the blue you've used as the background. Really sets the whole thing off nicely.

  2. And thanks to all who recommended me on Google!