Sunday, April 16, 2017

Flower Fairies in a Flower Mobile

"Flower Fairies in a Flower Mobile"
© 2017
available for sale HERE (includes prints, home decor, shirts, totes and other products) 

When you work for a fantasy artist's group, it is hard not to be inspired! I write for a fantasy art blog HERE and administer the group HERE.

This is kind of out of the realm of art I make these days (I have been working hard on a series of paintings, which still count as fantasy art, but aren't like this piece), but I always enjoy branching out and having diversions. It makes me a better artist.

Anyway, this is a piece made entirely from my own photos. It is basically a photo collage. These two little girls were at a street fair. The background with the bunny is practically in my backyard (yes, there are an overwhelming number of bunnies around here, and they have attracted some eagles, a rarity in these parts). And then the flowers range from gardens in Maine to upstate New York. The wings are my own creation.  

Here is the general description of this listing:

Two little girl fairies with blonde hair are in a flower mobile. In the background is a rabbit chewing on something good to eat, completely unperturbed by the fairies. There are also some fairy orbs and additional flowers in the background. On the top of the fairy mobile is a big orange butterfly.

This listing includes tee shirts, greeting cards, mugs, pillows and bed covers in this design.

Might look great in a child's room, nursery, playroom or patio.

* fairies: a legendary or supernatural nature spirit from Europe. Fairies have wings in many varieties, and are typically found with light orbs. According to Wikipedia: "The word 'fairy' was used to represent an illusion, or enchantment; the land of the Faes; collectively the inhabitants thereof; or an individual such as a fairy knight." Magic, enchantment, a deep connection with the natural world and the spiritual world.
* rabbit: fertility, the feminine, abundance, luck, comfort, vulnerability
* purple flowers: dignity, success, spirit
* pink flowers: happiness, love
* orange flowers: heartfelt sincerity
* white flowers: modesty, innocence, spiritual
* yellow flowers: joy, light-heartedness, happiness
* butterfly: transformation, change, the spirit