Monday, August 9, 2010

Autumn Tree ACEO

This is my latest attempt at painting an ACEO (my 4th try). An ACEO is a mini work of art at 2.5" x 3.5". As stated before, I am not entirely comfortable about painting anything smaller than a 4" x 6" painting, but I enjoy a challange and I thought I'd try one with my usual border (which made painting the tiny tree that much more painstaking!). 

The designing took much longer than I expected for such a mini piece. It is part of a series I have been making about trees with knotted borders and knotted roots.

This is for sale (for the meantime) in my Etsy shop. (note: edit on 12/16/11: this piece is presently available in my Artfire shop, but can be requested in my Etsy shop if you have an account on Etsy -- Artfire has a guest check-out, so no need to have an account).

More mini paintings coming soon.

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