Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Autumn Tree of Life

Autumn Tree of Life
© 2012
available HERE as a greeting card
may also be available in my Etsy shop

In celebration of Samhain, Lughnasadh, harvest, autumn equinox, fall, Halloween, Celtic knots and trees (as well as tree huggers!).

The design is my own (including the knotted border, tree and cloudy sky).    

I just finished this piece just yesterday. It was a miracle to get anything like this done since this year has been the most crisis ridden year of my life with barely enough time to catch my breath between unexpected (and emotionally catastrophic) events.


  1. Wow! This piece is STUNNING! Beautiful work Lise!

  2. Thank you Karen Anne! I think I'll try it on fabric. I'll let you know how it works out.

  3. That would be stunning ... what kind of fabric would you use? Cotton, silk, linen? How would you do it? I have seen where there are products out there where you can actually print your own material ... but I wasn't too impressed with the results. Would you have to put a sizing or something on the material first so that the drawing wouldn't bleed? Your work is so fine and detailed, I would imagine that would be a big concern. Looking forward to seeing how this works out for you.

    BTW, A couple of times I have wanted to directly contact you. Can you send me your email address at my personal email address? It is KABrady.Art@gmail.com

    I am going to make a slideshow video on a WIP and I would like to be able to use a song from one of your CD albums (wonderful album BTW!) as music on it, I would be sure to give full credit to your group. If this is NOT agreeable to you and your group, I would fully understand ... but it would sure be nice!

    Don't know why, but your more complicated pieces always remind me of Irish Lace ... I really like what you do.

    Take care and be happy!