Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Starting a New Life, Surviving, Modeling, Presentation, Art

portrait of me by Lisa Simmons of
with my artwork in the background

the full piece I made for the background is here
(you can tell it was altered by Lisa to the cool turquoise color above):
versions of this are for sale by clicking this link (scroll down please)

For anyone who is a survivor, whether that be a survivor of cancer, or abuse, or an accident, part of lifting yourself up out of your tragedy is through big changes after giving a lot of thought to what happened to you, and letting different perspectives into your thought patterns.

Part of transitioning into being a survivor instead of a victim of tragedy is also through transformation.

The latest transition for me (after changing my environment, then my social circle, then my art, then gaining some perspective, then writing a new blog about the perspectives) was my appearance. The appearance came last.

Right after my father died in 2013, I lived in his shirts while my own clothes became more and more ill-fitting. It went on for years: my basic attire was his shirts (yes, over-sized men's shirts), long hair, jeans, a fanny pack for a pocketbook, and sometimes a poncho (indoors) if it was cold. Everything was figure-hiding, instead of figure-enhancing.

Eventually a long discussion with my friend, Cindy Weed of Jewelwood of Vermont, got me to think about the presentation I was making to the art world. I was depressed, and felt overwhelmed by the prospect of changing my wardrobe, so she took on being my fashion expert. She went out and purchased clothes that she felt were flattering on me for everyday wear, and included some dressy things once in awhile too. I still wear them more days than not.

But I also started thinking about going to work and to art openings in the art world with some nicer clothes, clothes that might fit my style of art, clothes that were a bit more about fantasy, and the Renaissance, and the Celtic. These were art styles I was inspired by, as well as the Lothlorien wear seen in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings. I was already tall like a Lothlorien, had been compared to Cate Blanchette many times (who plays Galadriel), and felt it was time to move on from wearing my father's shirts every day (although I do wear his shirts around the house in the evenings quite a bit).

After years, I started purchasing wearables myself, first from Peggy Gray of 22 Shades of Gray, who is a local fashion designer, entrepreneur, and friend, and will make clothes for me which are customized, and then eventually from Holy Clothing (especially sale items - they do have tremendous sales at times where an amazing quality gown will go up for sale for sixty dollars, and the clothes are in the fantasy realm that I like).

I began modeling for Holy Clothing when they offered a percentage off of purchases for modeling, and I have been featured on their facebook and their website. They like models who pose outdoors. I am "the older model" (most are young, and more interested in the costume line - I tend to go for things I can wear to art openings, and not just to Renaissance Faires, Pagan Festivals, Beltane and the like, although I have purchased some of those items too).

So I will be putting some links in the side bar to some of those projects, and some of the clothes I have designed, as well as the modeling session with Lisa Simmons.

And since I write for a fantasy art blog, and a couple of others, I will be including those latest posts in the side bar too.

This is a start ...

More to come ... 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

original aceos of bunnies and butterflies, many with millefleurs

These are just a smattering of some original ACEOs I have been making (ACEOs are ultra-mini works of art that are 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches - some may be prints and some may be original paintings; mine are originals). 

These are mostly on sale in galleries in my area (and I have been told that some have sold). I may have some on-line soon too. You can always check my shop

These particular ones are matted in a 5" x 7" ivory colored mat with the proper ACEO opening. The backs are all signed with name of piece, medium, date and signature, and they all come with a certificate of authenticity. 

ACEOs are very popular, a great way to own an affordable piece of art at a low price (I charge between $15 - $45 usually, especially matted) and if the artist gets famous, they are worth quite a bit more than your original investment.

I hope to have some other pieces to show you soon, more in the home decor line, but some are original paintings too. 

I have been told that I should be on Instagram (oh, no, not another social media to post to; I already have too many!). I like blogging, Twitter, Google Plus (when it existed), and to a lesser degree the public Facebook (well maybe not so much these days), and I thought that was enough. What's next? Does everyone really spend that much time on all of these platforms, or do they have a favorite? And most of you work! Do you have to stay up all night to cruise it all and go to work groggy?

As I say, I'll be back soon.

ONLINE SHOPS (all my own art work):

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Lady Vanity Takes A Break From Mirroring To Dream Of An Unusual Garden, from my millefleurs series

title: "The Lady Vanity Takes A Break From Mirroring To Dream Of An Unusual Garden"
original 11" x 14" painting (presently available)
© 2019 Lise Winne

I have a lot of catching up to do! I have been painting and uploading a lot of art recently, and this is just one of them. More to come!

This piece is in the millefleurs tradition (and is part of my millefleurs series HERE). Millefleurs is a French word and means "many flowers". Alternatively it can mean a million flowers, but most art cannot hope to have that number of flowers all in one piece! 

Millefleurs works of art became popular during the Renaissance. The most well known are The Lady and the Unicorn series and The Hunt of the Unicorn series.  

Renaissance art is imbued with a lot of symbolism. 

The fact that The Lady Vanity is small relative to the songbirds near her head and the foliage, is intentional, for instance. It is meant to be an allegory of vanity. 

In the usual style of Renaissance art, she is dressed in Renaissance attire, with a cone hat (hennin).

The white bird is a Sapientes Pacis bird, and translates from Latin into Wise Peace bird. They are a species of my own invention, started during this painting from my blue period series. When I draw from my own imagination, such as when I'm gallery sitting and have no materials to reference for a drawing, these kinds of birds keep popping up. I had to decide what they were, and when looking at them, I decided that they had to be related to peace (as they are a bit dove-like, only bigger), and since they were always examining or questioning something in my art creations, I felt they had to be wise too.

Please note: Sapientes is a different word from Serpientes (tongue-in-cheek reference directed at a person who uses allegories and metaphors to hurt others, rather than to help humanity).

Millefleurs represent plenty, freedom from poverty and hunger, and luxury. For me, painting in this style is a backlash and a rebellion against modernist traditions, particularly depicting landscapes, for example, in bright orange and purple, simply rendered broad brush-stroke paintings with boxy buildings and with very little detail or the natural world in them. Why is this the acceptable norm for getting into shows?

If I'm going to bother spending my time making art, I want to either make art with statements and meaning, or art that is lush and full of nature. This piece hopefully has a little of both. 

One reason I like working in the millefleurs tradition is that it affords me "authentic expression". It was the first style of art that brought tears to my eyes (during my first trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art). After that, I wanted to stop pandering to modernist tastes and to try to give something to the world that might last past the present painting traditions.

William Morris who I highly respect (and see quite a bit of in myself), went "the millefleurs way" too in the 1800s, long after the Renaissance. If he can do it, so can I, yes?

It won't get me in the trendiest places, but customers like it, and they help me going in this direction.

If you find you cannot live without this piece (lol), you can contact me by e-mail (sales(att) It has a gold frame. Or you can purchase an archival print, wall hangings, totes, pillows, etc, HERE.

Here are pictures and products (for possibilities). This first is a framed print:

 the framed prints are available here:
go HERE for a framed print
This frame is under the brown category (found in the drop-down). It is #CUL7
and the mat is manor white ... or pick your own frame.
For the depiction on this blog, the print is roughly a 16" x 20" print.

note: the watermark in the right hand corner will not appear in the actual purchased product

This is what it looks like as a canvas print: 

canvas prints available HERE
choose the size. 
Note the size here on this blog is the smallest.
Don't forget to look at it in 3-D to see if you like how everything lines up on the edges.

Other products:

throw pillows HERE
use this color green or another that suits your fancy

large round beach towel: purchase HERE

As a tote bag. Purchase HERE

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

sale and free shipping on Christmas cards and Christmas gifts from my shop

Wreath with Bow greeting card
available for sale in packs of 10 or packs of 25 (pay less per card the more you order)

Yes, you heard it right: 

There are sales on certain days and free shipping on other days in my shop. My shop includes detailed paintings of unicorns, horses, sheep, bunnies, Celtic designs, Renaissance-inspired designs and then some photography like the greeting card above.

So here are the details of the sale:

November 22nd - November 26th
Free Ground Shipping on All U.S. Orders

November 29th
25% Off Tote Bags, Weekender Tote Bags, and Zip Pouches

December 3rd
25% Off Wall Art (Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Posters, Wood Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, and Tapestries)

December 5th
25% Off Home Decor (Throw Pillows, Duvet Covers, Shower Curtains, Bath Towels, Coffee Mugs, and Fleece Blankets)

December 7th
25% Off Phone Cases

Additional Information
All of the promotions begin at 12:00 AM Eastern U.S. time on the listed start date and end at 11:59 PM Eastern U.S. time on the end date. If only one date is listed, then the promotion starts and ends on the same day.

Here are just a few of my paintings and products for the holidays:

Baby Lamb with White Butterflies on a toddler teeshirt

Night Butterfly throw pillow (in green, but you can choose any color for the background)

Butterfly blanket
choose from plush fleece or Sherpa fleece

for the little girl's room:
Unicorn in a Heart throw pillow (choose size you want)

Unicorn Heart with Millefleurs (the design is printed on both sides of the mug)

framed print of Spring Tree with Knotted Roots and Knotted Border

Here's another Celtic design in a very large round beech towel:

Celtic Knot with Bunny beech towel
be sure to scroll through the pictures underneath the main image
Playing Card Symbols throw pillow (choose size you want)
I purchased these for someone, and they were really good quality: clear, on good canvas

Heart in a Snowflake tote bag

Here are more Christmas card designs:

At some point, I'll find some time to show what I have been working on that is new to my studio and new to my on-line store. The last few weeks, I have been focused on local holiday art shows. 

I'm also showing originals at some galleries. In this series (above), the Night Butterfly painting (a 12" x 12" painting) is at the Micropolis Gallery in Gloversville, NY. 

It is rare for these items to go on sale, or to get free shipping, so if you have been thinking about purchasing, this is the time to do it. Happy holidays!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Invitational Exhibit at Micropolis Gallery

So, as you can see, I was invited to show at Micropolis Gallery. The one with the butterfly is a detail of one of my paintings that will be in the show.

The opening is November 2, from 5pm to 7pm. I'll be there, of course.

It is in the town of Gloversville in upstate New York, a place renowned for its glove making back when Americans used to make the attire for the nation. It is also a town that my father and some of his students helped to re-design and revitalize.  

Some other artists I know of are Carol Law Conklin, Cheryl Gutmaker, Linda Hinkle, Lynda Naske, Mary Frances Millet and Judith Plotner. These are all really good artists and will also be at the opening. 

See you there!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Butterfly in the Millefleurs

Butterfly in the Millefleurs 
original 5" x 7" (in a gallery)
as a print, purchase HERE if interested

I have been painting a lot of butterflies as of late. Butterflies are about transformation and a big change. Sometimes they signify hope too. But hope is different from the former two attributes in that it is an emotion with a thought, and perhaps even an idea. In a way, all three parts work in tandem. 

Jung believed in the symbolic relevance of animals, places, and things in dreaming and in inspirational states. I don't check on the symbolism usually until after I finish a piece, though I was aware of what the butterfly meant beforehand (it is because I paint them often). 

Even so, when you dream of white butterflies at night and paint them during the day, something of significance is being churned in your mind. 

In my dreams at night, the white butterflies are clustered on a plant, and there are so many that it is impossible to count them.

In my dream last night, many were both clustered, but even more were flying around the cluster in a big white whir, and I was sitting in the woods, trying to figure out why there were so many, and what was happening to make me dream so much about them. 

During the day however, I paint just one of them, usually in the center of a piece.

White butterflies signify healing, release of one's burdens, absolution, purity and purity of intent, along with transformation.

Purple butterflies signify keeping the faith, confidence, assurance and resolve (also with transformation).

So there are both white butterflies going through my mind, and purple butterflies with a lot of white in them. 

Does the butterfly fit with what I am going through in my life right now? Absolutely. Do I feel confident and full of resolve? Yes. Do I feel unburdened and absolved? Yes, especially in the way of justice and justification. Am I full of hope? Yes.  

So, when you look at a piece, or you are attracted to a piece enough to buy it and put it on your wall, think about whether you can relate to the questions above.

The next two versions are meant to be used as tapestries, but for now they are sold as duvets, totes, pillows, and prints:

 Butterfly Tapestry Design
© 2018
buy products and prints HERE if interested

Butterfly Tapestry Design in Mustard, Red and Green
© 2018
buy products and prints HERE if interested

Until next time ...

Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Bunny Nest with Red Flowers and White Butterflies", new from my studio

"Bunny Nest with Red Flowers and White Butterflies"
© 2018
available for sale as prints or on products through this link
contact me if interested in the original: sales (att)

This is part of a series of bunnies taking naps. 

For this one, I had in mind a child's room. The parents are trying to get their little one off to sleep and point to the bunny on the wall: "See how that bunny is sleeping and smiling because he is having a happy dream?" Hint, hint ...

These parents don't really like the usual decor of bright neon colors that a lot of children's rooms have. They want something more subtle, more in the tradition of the Renaissance, or older English illustrations for children's books. So they pick this piece for their child's room.

Or this piece because it's even more subtle: 

"Bunny Nap with Red Flowers"
© 2018
available for sale as prints or on products through this link

A pillow might send your loved one off to sleep too:

pillows available for sale through this link

Or how about a nice soft blanket to curl up with?:

two types of blankets for sale through this link

or a duvet cover:

duvet cover available through this link

what about a round beach towel that your kid can take into his room fort (or, on second thought, to the beach):
 round towel available for sale through this link

Or this journal to write his dreams in:

notebook available for sale through this link

Baby Onesie:

kid's teeshirt:

an idea for framing:

framed prints available for sale through this link
choose frames with drop-down (including all of the various frame colors)
this one is around 11" x 14" with a MQ9 frame found under silver frames (in drop-down)
and a mat that is arctic white with black core mat (in drop-down)

I tend to think people are attracted to artwork sometimes through the symbolism (subconsciously), and this piece has a lot of positives in that department:

* white bunny: new perceptions and manifestations; signifies something at work for the highest good
* white butterflies: protection, fortune, messages from the spirit world
* vines: continuity, traditions in ones life
* red tulip-like flowers with thorns: true love, eternal love, undying love, yet with a few protective measures
* small yellow flowers: happiness in the small things, friendship
* purple daisies: dignity, pride, success
* bountiful fauna: material well being

Here's another piece along the same lines (with all of the same kinds of products):

"Bunny Nest of Yellow Roses and Blueberries"
available for sale through this link

a lot more art and products for sale via

I'll be back soon enough ...