Wednesday, September 6, 2017

new direction and the last unicorn

"September Unicorn"
© 2017
for sale here as an art print
if you are interested in purchasing the original, contact me via sales(att)
It is a 5 x 7 in an 8 x 10 gold frame 
(symbolism for the piece is at the end of the post)

I have some big news to tell (on all fronts, including my music), but there are still some fantasy art pieces I am still listing in my shop.  

So I will take some time to list them here before revealing my new direction and, for all intents and purposes, "my new life."

The "September Unicorn" original is available at a gallery at the moment. I can always take it out if you are interested in purchasing it. Contact me if you are interested: sales((att)) 

Here is what the prints of it look like framed and on various products:

framed prints are available HERE
using the drop-down on that page to the right, this is a GG8 frame (in the copper bronze section)
and a manor white mat

If you like a little more bulk and detail to your frame, 
here is one I found that is also in the drop-down:
in the drop down on THIS PAGE
go to the tabs "frame" and in the drop-down choose gold
it is VN5 with a mist mat

If you like your piece more "airy and light", here is another kind of frame:
in the drop down on THIS PAGE
go to the tabs "frame" and in the drop-down choose gold
it is J7 with a bright white mat

Here is what it looks like as a pillow
pillows are available for sale HERE
you can customize colors
the default color here is black

This is what it looks like as a tote bag:
tote bags available for sale HERE
you can customize background colors for this too

This is what it looks like as a mug (I put in stars on this rendition):

mugs available HERE
you can order small or large
(note: there is an image on two sides of this mug)

As for symbolism:

I have noticed that when talking to clients, they identify with the symbolic meanings as describing themselves. What a great discovery! I will describe what that means, but first, the symbolism itself:

unicorn: purity, innocence, spiritual messages, enlightenment, magic. The unicorn has been known to be an independent creature of high intelligence who swoons at the sight of a fair maiden who is pure of heart, and to even fall asleep in her lap. The unicorn's horn has been known to purify water. The unicorn was described during Renaissance times as an extremely wild woodland animal that was independent and could not be tamed.

full moon: the feminine, peak of clarity in a subtle way, reflection on events, insight from dreams

vines: continuity, tradition, eternity (note here that the vines are going dormant)

I often find that a client who is attracted to this piece enough to purchase it is usually a woman who is independent and of high intelligence, cannot be tamed, feels an attraction to the occupation of healing, is perceptive, and who likes the company of other beautiful women like herself who are pure of heart. She is likely to be against the DAPL pipeline or other causes where pollution of water is an issue. She is reflective and clarifies matters for others in a non-ostentatious way, gets insight and creative ideas from dreams, and may respect tradition even if it might be going dormant within her soul for a time (or she may be breaking with tradition altogether depending on whether she wants to cycle back into the traditions prevalent in her life).

my shop:

Monday, May 8, 2017

Visitors at a Fairy Blessing

Visitors at a Fairy Blessing 
© 2017
available for sale HERE (includes prints, home decor, shirts, totes and other products)

This is my last in the "altered photo fairy series" for awhile as I prepare for an art show, a couple of big news announcements, a You Tube channel and some other changes.

The rest of the series is:

First things first, though ... 

In "Visitors at a Fairy Blessing" we have three fairies all gathered together with some visitors including three butterflies, a grosbeak and a cat hiding in the bushes. There are also the usual fairy orbs, of course. 

Here are some product photos and ideas (note: the water mark on the lower right is not in actual products):

framed prints available HERE
choose size, frames and mats from drop-down menu 
(the size is 15.75 x 20, the frame is from the gold frames and is RM2, the mat is snow white)

Here is what it looks like as a metal print
(note: metal prints are known to emphasize detail and colors and are great for photography):

 metal prints available HERE 

tote bags available HERE

The totes are very high quality and seem to handle details pretty well.

That is all for now.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Flower Fairies in a Flower Mobile

"Flower Fairies in a Flower Mobile"
© 2017
available for sale HERE (includes prints, home decor, shirts, totes and other products) 

When you work for a fantasy artist's group, it is hard not to be inspired! I write for a fantasy art blog HERE and administer the group HERE.

This is kind of out of the realm of art I make these days (I have been working hard on a series of paintings, which still count as fantasy art, but aren't like this piece), but I always enjoy branching out and having diversions. It makes me a better artist.

Anyway, this is a piece made entirely from my own photos. It is basically a photo collage. These two little girls were at a street fair. The background with the bunny is practically in my backyard (yes, there are an overwhelming number of bunnies around here, and they have attracted some eagles, a rarity in these parts). And then the flowers range from gardens in Maine to upstate New York. The wings are my own creation.  

Here is the general description of this listing:

Two little girl fairies with blonde hair are in a flower mobile. In the background is a rabbit chewing on something good to eat, completely unperturbed by the fairies. There are also some fairy orbs and additional flowers in the background. On the top of the fairy mobile is a big orange butterfly.

This listing includes tee shirts, greeting cards, mugs, pillows and bed covers in this design.

Might look great in a child's room, nursery, playroom or patio.

* fairies: a legendary or supernatural nature spirit from Europe. Fairies have wings in many varieties, and are typically found with light orbs. According to Wikipedia: "The word 'fairy' was used to represent an illusion, or enchantment; the land of the Faes; collectively the inhabitants thereof; or an individual such as a fairy knight." Magic, enchantment, a deep connection with the natural world and the spiritual world.
* rabbit: fertility, the feminine, abundance, luck, comfort, vulnerability
* purple flowers: dignity, success, spirit
* pink flowers: happiness, love
* orange flowers: heartfelt sincerity
* white flowers: modesty, innocence, spiritual
* yellow flowers: joy, light-heartedness, happiness
* butterfly: transformation, change, the spirit

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

new fantasy art blog!

the banner for the new site
designed by Lise Winne with art from Ali Oppy and David Griffith
© 2017

This is just a quick post to introduce you to a new blog that I started called "Fantasy Art for the Home and Office" ... view-able HERE.

It is about a group of fantasy artists on the Fine Art America site and the art they make. I am the administrator of that group. 

The blog is made with a separate account, so you will not be able to see it via my profile. You will have to come back to this post, for now to get the link. The reason I went with a different account is that I may not always want to run it, or I may not be able to for what ever reason, and this way I can hand over the reins to someone else without it being muddied up with my profile, and my other blogs.

We also have a Google Plus account HERE. If you love fantasy art, think about following us on that platform.

I have been trying to launch a Twitter site for the group too, though that is proving difficult (I already have 3 Twitter accounts; this one would be a fourth one, and I'm running out of e-mails to use -- perhaps it is all too much). So I may choose Instagram instead, we'll see.

I have at least 6 new art pieces to post that I completed recently.

Until then ...

Sunday, December 18, 2016

French themed holiday ornaments and wall hangings, this year's ornaments

French inspired heart with doves wall art
© Lise Winne, 2016
selling at Valley Artisans Market during the holidays, 2016

Every year Cambridge, NY has a holiday theme and the little shops that dot the main drag take part in some way. Our gallery, Valley Artisans Market, also takes part in the theme. 

This year's theme was France and this is my interpretation of the theme. It is loosely based on the folk art of France, but it is also consistent with many other paintings I have been working on and will be showing in galleries and art centers in my area starting in 2017. This is the only folk art piece in the series, but it is close enough to "my style" (the style I show in my part of the country, at any rate).

This is not a very big painting. It is approximately 7" across and on wood. Hopefully it also has some elements of the holiday too.

Here is a mini painting I made (even smaller), approximately 4.5" across on wood:
French inspired heart with doves wall art II
© Lise Winne, 2016
selling at Valley Artisans Market during the holidays, 2016

Next up are a group of mini paintings on 4" x 4" canvases I made; the one in the heart has sold:

4" x 4" mini paintings of doves
available at Valley Artisans Market during the holidays, 2016

Next up are all of the pieces I made for the show and holiday season in general except the first one I showed above:

mini paintings and ornaments (the round ornament and the dove in the heart has already sold)

The horses are reversible.

Some of the hand painted pieces I made last year for the Swedish theme are still available in my alcove at the gallery, but they are selling, and I probably won't make new ones. I don't have pictures but they are red and white and quite symmetrical. Last time I checked, there was still a tree-topper I made there too.   

I am also selling at Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council. Items include Christmas card packs, Hanukkah card packs, holiday card singles, mini holiday cards (for gifts), gift tags, giclee prints as well as other note cards in various themes (wedding, baby, anniversary), and of course, birthday cards.

Until next time ...

Monday, December 12, 2016

new in my shop: treble clefs on home decor, teeshirts, mugs and tote bags

Turquoise Treble Clef with Turquoise and Blue Border
available through THIS LINK
treble clefs come in a multitude of colors including pink, gold and purple:
check THIS LINK to be taken to the entire collection (and to purchase if you so desire)

Bear with me as these treble clefs come in a variety of colors and products. Products include mugs, tote bags, home decor (bed covers, prints, pillows, shower curtains), large round beach towels and phone cases. Some of the other variations of treble clefs are gold, pink, brown and dark purple (I show at the bottom of the post)

This is what the turquoise treble clef looks like on a mug
(the treble clef is printed on two sides of the mug):

available through THIS LINK

next up is a pillow design:

available HERE

and a tote bag:

available HERE

There are also teeshirts in any color of your choice.

This one happens to be long sleeved and in a silver color:
available HERE

Here are what some of the others look like:

all treble clef designs available HERE (and ... I will always be making more,
so check back for them ... if interested, of course!)

the whole shop is HERE  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

new in my shop: mugs

"Unicorn with Stars":
(coupon code: ABCXYZ)

"How Angels Communicate in the Evening":
(coupon code: ABCXYZ)

"A Unicorn in Moonlight Tapestry":
available through this link
(coupon code: ABCXYZ)
(note: the watermark in the right hand side of image WILL NOT show up on your coffee mug)

"The Unicorn and the Egg"
(coupon code: ABCXYZ)

NOTE: you can choose the size of coffee mug you want in all of these images
(small or large mug) on the right hand side 
in a drop-down.

Many more coffee mug designs available throughout my shop:

until next time ...