Tuesday, August 28, 2012

birthday gift tags in the round

Happy Birthday in the Round, gift tags
© 2012
available through my Artfire shop HERE

These were made around last Spring, but I am just listing them now.

The greeting card has already been blogged about and is view-able HERE. Even though I put the design on a card, it was really meant for a tag. These have been very popular this summer in the galleries and shops I have them in.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Windswept Doves Trinket Box

Windswept Dove Trinket Box
hand painted box for jewelry, trinkets or keepsakes
© 2012
available in my Artfire on-line shop HERE
may also be available in the folk art section in my Etsy shop HERE
(part of the "Windswept Doves series" - the rest of the series is view-able HERE)

I painted this box in the winter of 2012. The top is painted with artist grade archival acrylic paints and the part that is alazarin crimson (i.e. the rest of it) is painted with folk art paints. 

Since I had so many wall paintings in this style and subject matter, I wanted to try a painting on a box too. 

Here is a view of the top:


Friday, August 24, 2012

hand painted butterfly box

Butterfly Box
(for jewelry, trinkets, keepsakes, etc)
© 2012
available HERE from my Artfire on-line store 
or it may be available HERE from Etsy shop

This is one of a series of hand painted butterfly boxes. The whole series of butterfly boxes can be found HERE (or to look at all of the painted boxes in all subject matter, go HERE).

This is the only butterfly box I painted in 2012.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Meet Lyn of 3 Cedars Jewelry!

Jasper Pendant with Copper Spirals
available HERE

Lyn has been making jewelry for 20 years. Today I am focusing on her wire wrapped jewelry, but she has many other kinds of styles available in her Etsy shop HERE.

Lyn has a daytime job as an Optician. 

Here is another piece by Lyn:

 Tigers Eye Pendant with Copper Spirals
available HERE

Here is another piece:

Agate Pendant with Drusy and Silver Filled Spirals
available HERE

Lyn also makes earrings in this style:

Ametrine Rough Cut Earrings
available HERE

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bunny and Moon ACEOs

"Bunny and Moon" original painting ACEO (2.5" x 3.5")
© 2012
available in my Etsy shop in the ACEO section
or in my Artfire shop in the ACEO section

here is another aceo:

"Bunny and Moon II" original painting ACEO (2.5" x 3.5")
© 2012
available in my Etsy shop in the ACEO section

As stated, these are both original paintings and will probably be the only ACEOs made in this subject matter. They are incredibly fussy and require tiny "liner" brushes. We'll see...

ACEOs have to conform to the 2.5" x 3.5" size format. For more on ACEOs, see this wikipedia article HERE.  

These are part of a series of "bunny and moon" art pieces. The whole series can be found HERE.

They are painted with acrylic paints (gesso first, then the acrylic paints, then polyurethane). These particular ones were painted on bristol board.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Skeleton Key Jewelry or Trinket Box

Skeleton Key Trinket or Jewelry Box
one of a kind
© 2012
available HERE through my Artfire on-line shop
it may also be available HERE through my Etsy on-line shop 

This box is painted primarily in french blue. The skeleton key design is my own (in other words, no real skeleton keys were used for the model).

I'm showing one of the boxes I painted at the beginning of 2012. The rest of them listed (at least so far!) were painted in 2011. The whole series can be found HERE.

This could also serve as a box to stash your keys, particularly skeleton keys.

Admittedly, I painted this partly because I like the ornate qualities of skeleton keys and also to please the Etsy Gods (as they are more likely to pay attention to certain kinds of subject matter over others).

Here is another view:

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Meet Becky of Seventh Child!

Brass Filigree Necklace by Seventh Child
available from her Etsy store HERE for $22.00

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Becky! Becky has a lot of different kinds of jewelry designs in her Etsy shop, but I am focusing on her jewelry which has a Celtic or Renaissance/Medieval flair for those of my readers who are Renaissance Faire re-enactors or Renaissance musicians (of which I am one). Wouldn't this look great with a courtier's outfit?

Have a look at this one too:

Medieval Style Necklace by Seventh Child
available from her Etsy store HERE

 Here is a detail picture of the same necklace:

detail of Medieval Style Necklace

The reason why Becky's shop is called "Seventh Child" is an interesting one. Please read on (borrowed from her profile page in her Etsy shop):

I am the seventh of seven children and was born on the seventh day (Sunday) at seven in the morning weighing seven pounds seven ounces(really, it's on my birth certificate). It was shear coincidence that all four of my names wound up with seven letters each, but, still, it happened. Hence "Seventh Child".

I love that story!

Here is another one like the previous styles:

Dragon Necklace with a Filigree Medallion on a Brass Chain Choker by Seventh Child
available from her Etsy shop HERE

These are a bit of a departure from the others, but would still look great at a Renaissance faire or a Celtic festival:

Dragon Necklace with Obsidian Teardrop on Hand Beaded Glass Chain by Seventh Child
available from her Etsy shop HERE

Pewter Celtic Knot Earrings with Green Drop Beads by Seventh Child
available from her Etsy shop HERE

Thursday, August 2, 2012

heart amulet by Ireland Brady

Crocheted Heart Amulet by Ireland Brady

I just received this wonderful amulet that Karen Anne Brady (i.e. Ireland Brady) made. I won it in her blog give-away contest HERE. It came with full instructions on how to make it which was totally unexpected. Love it! 

I will be modeling it soon, so stay tuned!!